Language Lab@ITG, UK


The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Technology Gopeshwar owns a dedicated full-fledged Language Laboratory for training the students in improving their communication skills. The laboratory is equipped with the state of the art technologies with the latest multimedia facilities. The language lab offers training in all the four aspects (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of communication skills. Further, the language lab provides a platform to the students to develop their leadership skills, collaborative skills, and presentation skills by conducting sessions on group discussion, oral presentation, role-playing, and public speaking activities time to time.

The communication skill training in the language lab takes place in triple P (PPP) phases: a) Pronunciation, b) Problematic areas in grammar, and c)Presentation.

The first phase focuses on the training on pronunciation (phonetics), where the students receive training on International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and some major accents of English. However, they are encouraged to use BBC RP (Received Pronunciation) English. In addition, the students acquire hands-on experience of software for phonetic/phonological analysis.

In the second phase, the training is focused on the problematic areas for non-native speakers of English. The students are made aware of the first language interference in their pronunciation and the problem areas in English grammar. To improve their command in the English language the students follow the cognitive-code approach of second language learning. It involves the scientific analysis and meaningful practice of the grammatical rules so that the students gain a clear understanding of linguistic rules and can conceptualize the rules.

In the third phase, the students obtain training on the different types of communication skills with a special focus on the soft skills used in the workplace. This involves GD, debate, oral presentation, extempore, public speaking, role play, mock interviews etc. A good command of soft skills makes the student confident during job placements.